Your Talk Should Be...

Your Talk Should Be...

Your talk should be : 


Your talk should be easy to understand.  Through a process of writing, re-writing, rehearsal and discussions (with friends or colleagues) you should be able to hone down on precisely what it is that you really want to say. Through this iterative process you should achieve clarity of message. At this point you should be able to summarise your talk fairly accurately in 1-2 sentences. As your re-read your words you are satisfied that they express exactly what you mean and they do so in the most efficient way possible .  To the audience it will land with crystal clarity. 

Remember that a piece of writing is perfect, not when there is nothing left to add, but nothing to take away.  Clarity’s best friend is simplicity. 


You may have given a great talk that your audience enjoyed, but did you really reach your intended goals if no one remembers what you actually said the next day?  Some forms of speech are easier to remember and can make a lasting impression. 


Show your passion.  It’s contagious.  If you show your audience you care they will too.  If you show them you’re adamant, they’ll believe you.


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Nicolas Boileau  | L'Art poétique (1674)

Nicolas Boileau | L'Art poétique (1674)

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